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[AORUS Lab] Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

[AORUS Lab] Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Hold your breath, aim and bang! Killing enemies in the distance silently is always a sweet challenge, and now you get to practice it in the new-released tactical shooter “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.” As the third entry in the series, it features an open world for the first time, which requires more skills to accomplish the full missions. Yet, you will need more than just a rifle to be the best warrior in this game. A proper graphics card is always a must. AORUS presents you this performance benchmark to find out the best gear to equip during your tasks in Georgia.



Requirement Comparison



System Configuration



VERY HIGH Preset @ 1080p



At the most common FHD resolution, the performance optimization seems to be pretty good. It takes a GTX 1060/6G or a RX 480/8G to achieve 60 FPS in average. With a single GTX 1080 Ti, the number could even reach over 110 FPS. If you’re looking for 60 FPS at minimum, a GTX 1070 or the latest RX 580/8G should properly suffice for that, and both would be the best recommendation for FHD resolution.



VERY HIGH Preset @ 1440p, 4K



Now let’s go on to the higher resolution. As a result, it takes a GTX 1080 or higher to make for 60 FPS in average, and no single card can achieve 60 FPS at 4K. If you do own a 4K monitor, you may use a pair of GTX 1080 Ti in SLI mode to get the best of it.



VERY HIGH Preset @ 1080p



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