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[Tech Friday] Ultra Durable Technology

[Tech Friday] Ultra Durable Technology

As PC DIY enthusiasts ourselves, we’re on the same boat as you when it comes to taking care of our motherboards and components. Spending hundreds of dollars to buy expensive components is hardly a light investment and these fancy components are also quite delicate! They’re micro computer parts after all so any extra durability is a plus! That’s why GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Technology is an absolute game-changer when it comes to maximizing the user experience of GIGABYTE motherboards. Designed to protect against vulnerabilities to your board and components as well as minimize the effect of wear and tear, it’s a must have for any builder. Let’s take a look at what makes Ultra Durable Technology so effective!

DualBIOS Technology

One of the most important components on motherboards is the BIOS. Without the BIOS, the board simply cannot run properly. That’s why it’s always a great idea to have a backup BIOS in case the primary one fails or malfunctions. GIGABYTE DualBIOS Technology has that Plan B ready for you! DualBIOS Technology is designed so that if your Main BIOS is compromised by nasty computer viruses, hardware malfunctions, or overclocking failures, DualBIOS automatically activates your Backup BIOS. Convenient and easy to use with no setup or configuration required, it’s good to go!

Dual BIOS Technology On The Board

Ultra Durable PCIe Armor with Exclusive One Piece Stainless Shield

Gamer and content creators alike love a powerful graphics card for those sweet graphics, powerful rendering capabilities, etc. Graphics cards can be a bit bulky and heavy so that when the motherboards are installed vertically in the chassis, the weight of the graphics cards presses down on the PCIe slots. This extra stress damages the PCIe slots and potentially even the graphics card over time.

Fear not! GIGABYTE Ultra Durable PCIe Armor is designed to reinforce the PCIe slots on GIGABYTE motherboards by giving them extra strength and reducing the stress significantly on these PCIe slots. The key to this armor is Double Bracket Locking Technology which provides the first lock inserted on the front plate for better retention and the second lock soldered into place on the back plate, to provide a stronger bond.

Double Locking Bracket Protecting Front And Back Side Of PCB

To add to that, we’ve taken it up another notch with an exclusive one piece stainless shield which further enhances the strength of the PCIe slots and has extra anchor slots to maximize stability. Extensive testing has been done to evaluate just how strong our Ultra Durable PCIe armor is and the results are pretty impressive. A shearing test shows that with GIGABYTE PCIe shield technology, the PCIe slot is up to 1.7 times stronger than without PCIe shield technology. For the retention force test, it’s up to a whopping 4.8 times stronger. That massive upgrade gives builders much more confidence that their boards and components are more durable than ever.

PCIe Armor Strength Comparison Under Shearing Test

Ultra Durable Memory Armor

Installing memory modules onto DIMM slots can also be a bit of a hassle. When users press down on the board to insert modules into the slots, pressure is applied to the board which can cause the PCB to bend and distort its shape. With so many important circuits on these motherboards, bending the board can heavily damage some of these circuits. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Memory Armor helps prevent unnecessary damage to the PCB by preventing it from bending. Another thing users want to prevent on these boards is ESD interference as it also negatively affects the board’s functions. Ultra Durable Memory Armor does its job of preventing ESD interference, making it another awesome and highly important addition to Ultra Durable Technology.

Comparison of PCB Bending With And Without GIGABYTE Memory Armor

Anti-Sulfur Design

Sulfurization is another problem that can cause damage to the motherboards over time. It can be hard for motherboards to avoid this damage without protection since the damage is usually caused by sulfur compounds in the air. The resistors can be penetrated by these compounds which can cause these resistors to open and short. GIGABYTE Anti-Sulfur Resistors help prevent these nasty compounds from damaging your motherboard. The resistors come with an Alloy Protective Layer for added protection.

Anti-Sulfur Design With Anti-Sulfur Resistors Work Better With Alloy Protective Layer

Durability at its Finest

GIGABYTE puts a lot of resources into researching how to make better and more durable motherboards. We’ve done our homework extensively so users can be assured that our motherboards not only have the best functionality but are also highly reliable and dependable boards that you can use for a multitude of fun, unique builds!


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