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[PC Mods] Flying Battleship by Suchao

[PC Mods] Flying Battleship by Suchao

This amazing work of art is created by Suchao Prowphonga, a case modding master from Thailand. Based on the concept of futuristic war machines, the flying battleship mod was built from scratch and specially designed to show off the beauty of our GIGABYTE graphics card in its entirety.


Often left unnoticed in most case mods, the graphics card takes the leading role this time in Suchao’s built. Prominently placing on the main deck, the card is perfectly integrated as part of the battleship, and the RGB lights set the tone for this awesome looking ship. Here are images of Suchao's case mod. Enjoy!







The flying battleship looks even more fiersome when armored with the GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming graphics card, featuring WINDFORCE Stack Cooling fans! 





GIGABYTE is thrilled to collaborate with Suchao for this case mod project, which displays unbelievable craftsmanship and extreme creativity that match perfectly with our gaming concept. Expect more extreme case mods coming your way!












This is sweet!
2016-07-18 10:49
I wanna hop in ! :D
2016-07-18 15:33
Awesome. I build a ship PC out of mahogany about 8 years ago.
2016-07-18 20:27
2016-07-19 21:12
Really Cool!
2016-07-19 21:30
Please feature the GIGABYTE forklift. Is Awesome.
2016-07-22 18:45
Devidalexa :
It's an awesome features game which was launched in 3d.Then you Most of the things are also included.If you have any inquiry for the game then follow the site which I prefer.
2018-05-05 00:34