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[Tech Friday] Don’t Pass Up On A H370/B360 Motherboard!

[Tech Friday] Don’t Pass Up On A H370/B360 Motherboard!

Following Intel’s recent release of the H370 and B360 chipsets, GIGABYTE has answered with its AORUS and UD series motherboards to provide the best support for these chipsets.


The Secret To Breaking The Gigabit Barrier

You might have heard of the buzz surrounding the new Intel CNVi Technology, in regards to the H370 and B360 motherboards. Simply put, Intel has integrated the MAC into the chipset itself. With the Intel 9000 wireless card to provide 802.11ac Wave2 WIFI and 160MHz of data bandwidth, the wireless functionality on these boards can hit up to 1.73Gbps of bandwidth speed. Yup, you read that right, wireless connectivity on these boards is not only faster than standard Ethernet but it also completely obliterates the Gigabit barrier!  


Must Have MU-MIMO

For the boards to hit these high speeds, a big part of this is due to the MU-MIMO functionality. In the past, wireless connectivity could only service one client at a time, so regardless of how high your bandwidth was, signal transfers were queued. For example if you had two PCs connected to the internet, since they shared the same channel, it was as if two cars were driving in the same lane which slowed everybody down. With MU-MIMO however, multiple lanes are opened so traffic is much more efficient and less congested. Due to MU-MIMO, it’s much faster and less laggy.

MU-MIMO Slots Diagram With Time Domain

Internet Connectivity

So what do GIGABYTE H370/B360 Motherboards bring to the table? GIGABYTE H370/B360 Motherboards have the highest and most complete compatibility with CNVi technology. Not only do they provide complete WIFI support and native CNVi wireless connectivity, they also come with a AORUS CNVi WIFI Upgrade Kit 2x2 so for future upgrades, the user doesn’t need to rehaul the entire PC!  

AORUS CNVi WIFI Upgrade Kit With Additional Features

How convenient is it that you don’t even need to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable and you can already enjoy blazing fast web connectivity?! No lag, just frag!

Speaking of gaming, with GIGABYTE Ultra Durable PCIe armor on your board’s PCIe slots, you don’t need to worry about graphics cards bending! Even the heaviest graphics card is easily supported by our Ultra Durable PCIe armor. Indulge in the highest quality 3D Performance, free of worry!


For those who don’t game as much, GIGABYTE 300 Series motherboards are also great for enjoying multimedia. Its native Intel USB 3.0 with transfer speeds up 10Gbps make it perfect in a setup as a multimedia center. Using the CNVi WIFI with MU-MIMO function, everybody can enjoy their favorite videos, pictures, etc. without stealing bandwidth from a friend and getting into arguments over it!


Whether you’re thriving to be the next esports star or enjoying multimedia entertainment on your computer, GIGABYTE H370/B360 motherboards are spectacular for gaming, entertainment as well as effortless word processing and web surfing. Impressed by these boards?! Get your very own GIGABYTE H370/B360 motherboard to experience the prowess of our 300 series boards! For more information on these motherboards, please visit: 


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