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The Science Behind AORUS H5: Beryllium Diaphragm

The Science Behind AORUS H5: Beryllium Diaphragm


H5 is the latest gaming headset from AORUS. However it’s way different from those casual gaming headset which possess fancy outlook but poor sound quality. There’s really something on the sound quality it delivers, thanks to adopting “Beryllium Diaphragm”. What’s Beryllium? Why it’s so special and what kinds of benefit you could have with it? Let’s take a look.


H5 is a dynamic headset, also called “moving coil” headset. On dynamic headset, diaphragm is the key for awesome sound quality. Every headphone vendor is searching for suitable material to build diaphragm. To be great material for diaphragm, it needs to have:

  1. Light mass
  2. High durability
  3. High loss

The Structure of Moving-coil Headphone (Source:


With lighter mass can it features wider frequency response; without high durability, monomer will be easily broken which causes sound distortion and high loss makes it no sound of itself while vibrating and makes no distortion as well. Beryllium is right the perfect material featuring light mass, high durability and high loss and that’s the reason why it’s adopted by those most premium headphone or speaker. To break the boundary of typical gaming headset, H5 is equipped with the diaphragm which is made by beryllium, delivering most immersive sound while gaming, widest sound field and minimum distortion. H5 is right the most versatile headset ever!

Learn more about AORUS H5, please visit:


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