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RGB Fusion shines light that matters

RGB Fusion shines light that matters

In today’s world, having a system without a gaming headline and RGB lighting is like showing up on the second page of Google. It’s irrelevant! So get with the times and light your system with RGB Fusion. Additionally, gaming PCs can be great displays of our personalities, but how much can we really show without proper lighting? So the real question is: on a scale from 1 to RGB Fusion, how unique is your personality?


Just like our personalities, PC lights have come a long way! Think about it… It all started with small status LEDs, walking a fine line between cool and annoying. It then evolved to single color LED/UV bars that we would try to hide inside the chassis to cast some indirect light. After that, single colored lights slowly starting showing under the motherboard heatsinks. This path led us to where we are now, with beautifully integrated LED lights of any color we can ever ask for, together with all kinds of effects and patterns.


Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 with Intel Optane and RGB Fusion


What makes the RGB Fusion ecosystem special?


At AORUS, we develop a wide range of PC components, accessories, and everything that’s needed for the ultimate gaming machine. RGB Fusion is one feature that ties all product lines together and more. What this means is you can experience a seamless sync between different components, different light zones, and different patterns.


Moreover, motherboards are the cornerstone of the PC and, as in any building or fort, the quality of the foundation is critical. Knowing that AORUS boards are a solid and RGB Fusion has what it takes, we have partnered with other manufacturers to include our engine to light their products with the best light shows available to date. These products range from memory kits to LED strips, from coolers and fans to SSDs, from chassis to peripherals and they receive the RGB Fusion Ready logo to you know you you’ll add another layer to your lighting system when you buy such products.


Through the RGB Fusion SDK that is now available online for everyone to explore, any third-party can come up with cool inventions and integrations to make PCs feel super special.


X470 AORUS Gaming 7 WIFI with RGB Fusion


What are the components of RGB Fusion Technology?


Different light zones across the motherboard provide an experience of surround lighting and now, with more indirect and diffused light points, one extra dimension enters the equation to make the details of the motherboard truly pop. Areas such as the CPU, Memory DIMMs, I/O shield, Audio, PCI-Express slots, Accent LED, and PCH Overlay shine to the beat of your favorite music, specific events related to your computer status and so much more.

In terms of hardware, RGB Fusion is lightyears ahead with support for Digital LEDs and RGBW LEDs. By using multiple connectors strategically located on the motherboard, we are able to eliminate the biggest flaws of traditional lighting systems: lack of patterns, styles, and lack of color accuracy.


The last (but not the least) piece of this advanced lighting technology is the RGB Fusion software. You can use it when you are inside the UEFI BIOS but the complete control is unleashed in Windows environment where you can select a multitude of triggers, effects, colors, and components to select a light show that matches your style.


As a touch of magic, you can also configure your lighting system without touching your computer. I’m sure you’ll catch the awe of your friends checking out your new rig. To do so, simply download the RGB Fusion APP for your Android or iOS smartphone and light up the show.


If your mood had a color and your personality had a style, how would your system powered by RGB Fusion look? All the info about the two beautiful and powerful motherboards featured in this article can be found here: 

Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 OP:

X470 AORUS Gaming 7 WIFI:

And more about RGB Fusion Technology:


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