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Last Week Overwatch #2

Last Week Overwatch #2

Overwatch, Blizzard’s latest and first FPS game, has been immensely popular since its launch. Since it’s being a phenomenon these days, XG Blog decided to feature this column as a summary of what happened in the community of Overwatch every last week.


Competitive Play Is Here!

The highly anticipated mode which was excluded in the release version has finally gone live! Competitive Play just hit PC last week, and will be later out on consoles. All players above level 25 can now engage to fight for the honor and the prizes, and the season will last until August 18.



In spite of the one-week beta earlier on the public test realm, several troubling issues have been reported shortly after the feature launched. For one instance, a bug with skill rating rewards was found on Control maps (Ilios, Nepal, Lijiang Tower) causing improper adjustment in skill rating after winning. Fortunately, the bug was soon fixed within one day, and an upcoming patch was confirmed to be deployed “hopefully” this week according to a blue post.



Official News -

Post on Control maps issue -


Heroes Never Die

On May 23, Hongyu Wu, a Chinese college student, witnessed a motorbike theft on campus, and decided to chase after the thief on his bike. A critical collision was later occurred between them, causing severe internal bleeding to Hongyu. The thief was caught shortly after, yet the young brave passed away in the hospital, just one day before the launch of Overwatch. He was 20 years old.



Hongyu was so passionate about Overwatch and was even asking if any of his friends was also waiting for the launch right before the tragedy. After last week’s patch, a new Easter egg has been added in memory of the real life hero. On the map of Lijiang Tower, a name plate reads “宏宇” (Hongyu) is placed on one of the space suits on the red side, and a phrase “英雄不朽” (Heroes never die) can be seen above.

True bravery lives forever. May the young hero rest in peace.



Reddit -



Zenyatta to be Fixed, Following McCree and Widowmaker

Last week on the official forum, Jeff Kaplan, the game director, mentioned that some changes for Zenyatta have been discussed internally. Since they want to observe how the Widowmaker and McCree balance changes play out, no further details will be revealed any time soon. But currently the omnic monk is officially on the table now.



Post on Zenyatta changes -



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