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Introducing a new component to join GIGABYTE’s product line up is AORUS RGB Memory lighting the way towards an ultimate AORUS PC Dream Machine. The announcement of AORUS RAM was met with high praises from industry media with its exceptional build quality and the unique inclusion of 2 RGB Demo Modules. Find out more on how AORUS RGB Memory kit can complete your gaming PC build with high-end performance and striking aesthetics.


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Industry’s First RGB Demo Modules

What sets AORUS RGB Memory apart from the competition is the exclusive addition of 2 RGB Demo Modules along with the functional kit for a total of 4 pieces (2 Original, 2 Demo). This allows for a complete spread on dual channel motherboards which have a total of 4 slots. You can clearly tell the memory sticks apart by the gold pins marked where the modules slot into the motherboard. The demo parts are fully enabled with RGB Fusion to work in tandem with the rest of your system’s RGB illumination. For users with 3rd party motherboards, we also offer RGB Fusion Link software to fully utilize the demo modules.


2 AORUS RGB Memory on the table

Build Quality

The first thing you will notice when picking up AORUS RGB Memory is the sizeable weight of each individual stick. Each module is enclosed between two high-density aluminum heat spreaders with maximum coverage for optimal heat dissipation. The solid heatsinks feature a screwless design with scratch resistance materials built upon our Ultra Durable DNA. The aesthetics sport modern and sleek edges with the AORUS logo laser etched giving off a high-quality finish.


AORUS RAM equipped high-density aluminum heat spreaders

Besides the solid structural build, AORUS RAM also sources high-quality Samsung B-Die memory chips which are well known for stability. The kit includes 2x8GB DDR4 modules for a total of 16GB rated at 3200Mhz with XMP support. AORUS RAM is guaranteed to be compatible with the latest platforms from both Intel and AMD through GIGABYTE’s rigorous validation tests.

Get the best components for your gaming PC, adding AORUS RGB Memory to your build will grant you impressive performance and design with a lifetime warranty.

4pcs AORUS RGB RAM on the table (2 Original, 2 Demo).


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I think aorus should also go for RGB SSD and hdd,sshd and also go for dinner body to reduce the price and increase the shares
2019-04-10 21:47