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Choosing a Gaming Mouse

Choosing a Gaming Mouse


What does higher Dots Per Inch (DPI) mean for you and your gaming mouse in a world where PC gaming is now regarded as a serious profession with the potential to earn millions? Plain and simple, it probably won’t mean much until you really look underneath the numbers and evaluate the quality of the mouse itself.


AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse


First off, be mindful of the different terminology when purchasing your next mouse to elevate your gameplay. Commonly and mistakenly known as DPI which is normally used for printing resolution, the relative sensitivity of your mouse is correctly named Counts Per Inch (CPI). However, for the sake of simplicity, we will be referring mouse sensitivity as DPI moving forward. Mouse sensitivity is always the most referenced number when shopping for gaming mice, but it is also the least important aspect when looking for high-performance and great quality.


If you take a quick look at eSports professionals that rely on fine precision for their craft, then you will frequently see them using large sweeping motions of their mouse over an even larger mousepad surface. That is because high-level gamers that require accuracy use very low DPI settings to keep their cursor locked on their intended target. Slight movements on low DPI won’t disturb their aim while high DPI settings will cause the cursor to jump off target. In fact, most competitive FPS gamers use the lowest DPI settings on their mouse and fine-tune sensitivity in-game. If all of that is laid to rest, then why is it important to get a high-end gaming mouse sporting fancy numbers?



High-Quality Optical Sensors

To find out what makes a good gaming mouse, the focus is needed on the quality of the sensor itself. Between optical and laser, gamers often choose the former to prevent potential jittering and inaccuracy. Laser sensors are useful for atypical surfaces like glass but also run the chance of inaccurate tracking.


To separate the best from the rest, a great optical sensor will feature the highest DPI rating, right? Okay, so it isn’t funny anymore, and the real answer is not the sensitivity of the mouse but the precision of the sensor to track movements. Accurate tracking is measured by Inches Per Second (IPS), so when low DPI pro-gamers use those large mousepad surfaces then they will need a high IPS rating to accurately read each inch. In addition, low DPI users using swift mouse movements will also benefit from the sensor’s ability to sustain higher limits of acceleration. These 3 features make up a top-notch gaming mouse sensor and the best of each category is found on our AORUS M5 sporting 16000 DPI, 400 IPS, and 50 G acceleration.



The AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse features a Pixart 3389 optical sensor that checks off the highest numbers in each category putting it up with the highest quality you can get from a sensor’s standpoint. Ultimately, the way you set up your gaming mouse is yours to call and the AORUS M5 will stand the test of time with fine Japanese Omron switches that guarantee 50 million clicks with an amazing tactile response.



Customize your mouse with weight balance tuning and fully programmable buttons. Light up your desk with addressable RGB Fusion LEDs and save all your settings onboard. The M5 also features up to 4 different DPI profiles with dedicated buttons for on-the-fly adjustments. Competition is fierce, and the AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse enters the battlefield with enthusiast-grade quality across the board. Light your way with the AORUS M5.


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