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Beginners 101 – What is RAM?

Beginners 101 – What is RAM?


RAM, also known as computer memory, is one of the most important components in your computer. Without it your computer would not be able to function correctly and playing the latest games would most certainly be impossible. RAM is one of those things that people know they need, but they don’t often know exactly why they need it. This then raises the question, what is RAM?


That is a good question, and today we are going to jump into another beginners 101 guide into what RAM is why it is it an integral part of your gaming PC.



Why is RAM so important?


Random access memory, or RAM for short, is essentially storage that is responsible for temporarily storing information that your computer needs to access quickly. Unlike traditional storage in a PC, accessing information stored in RAM is extremely fast and is intended for short term storage.


RAM such as AORUS RGB memory allows your computer to quickly and easily access stored information for your programs and games, which in turn increases the performance of those applications.


Not only does storing application data in memory increase performance but it also allows you to multitask. By storing information in memory, it allows you to run multiple applications at once. When you are grinding levels in your favourite MMO, whilst streaming music in your browser and also browsing strategy guides online, the reason you are able to do this all at once is thanks to the RAM in your computer. 


In a nutshell, RAM allows applications and your computer to run fast whilst also letting you do multiple things at once on your PC.



Are there different types of RAM?



There sure are different kinds of RAM. RAM varies depending on what device you are using and the hardware that you are running. There is memory inside your smart phone, media player, laptop and computer just to name a few and the RAM varies between each device.


Having said that, as PC gamers, the RAM that we are interested in is DDR4 memory.  DDR4 is the latest iteration of memory that launched alongside the 6th generation Intel Core processors.


DDR4 is the replacement for the older DDR3 RAM which with it brings faster speeds along with lower power consumption. 


Any new motherboard will support DDR4 memory and it is important to ensure that you get the right memory that your motherboard supports.



Does RAM speed and latency matter?



When it comes to RAM performance, there are two elements that come into play, frequency and latency.


RAM frequency, represented by MHz, determines how much data can be transferred to your RAM at one time. DDR4 memory comes in at a range of different frequencies with the most common being 2666Mhz and working its up through faster speeds such as 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 4000MHz etc.


Latency refers to how quick the memory can respond to different requests and just like RAM frequency, there are multiple latency timings available. At a basic level, when the memory controller tells your RAM which data to access it needs to go through a number of clock cycles. As a result, the lower the latency the better as this means data will be accessed quicker.


The trick is finding RAM that offers both fast frequency as well as low latency timings.



Is all RAM supported by all motherboards?



Now, this is where some people get in a bit of trouble when building or upgrading their computer. All RAM, unfortunately, does not work with all motherboards.


As RAM has changed over time this means that a lot of older motherboards do not support the latest memory standard. You are unable to put DDR4 RAM into a motherboard that supports DDR3 memory and likewise, you would not put DDR3 memory in a motherboard that supports DDR4.



Motherboard manufacturers clearly state what RAM is supported for each motherboard however it is something that is often overlooked by gamers looking to upgrade their gaming rig which leads to a less then stellar experience. Simply double check the memory support before upgrading and choose a motherboard such as the Z490 AORUS MASTER and you will have killer new gaming PC ready to rock.



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