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Beginners 101 – 5 Tips for purchasing a CPU cooler

Beginners 101 – 5 Tips for purchasing a CPU cooler


The CPU is one of the single most important components inside your computer. It is the brains of the entire operation. The thing with CPUs is that they run hot, and when we say hot, we mean it. The issue with components running hot is that computer performance starts to become negatively impacted, the hotter something gets the worse it performs and the cooler something is the faster it performs. This is where CPU coolers come into to play. It is there job to keep things running nice and cool, but what is the best CPU cooler for you?


Well, lets dive in and take a look at some tips that might help answer this question for you.



Determine your budget and try and stick to it


Step one in finding the best CPU cooler for you is to sit down and run the numbers. You need to come up with a budget that you are willing to spend on your new cooler and try your best to stick with it.


The trick with determining your budget for the cooler is that you don’t want to underspend on it and as a result get a cooler that just doesn’t do the job. Ideally you will want to allocate a modest budget so that you can get a quality cooler. 


A good way to think about it is that the better the CPU that you have in your PC, the more likely it is to run hotter than a lower end processor. So, the more you spend on your CPU the more you should spend on your CPU cooler.



Air cooling or water cooling?



When it comes to CPU coolers you have 2 options – Air coolers and water coolers.


Learn more about >  Liquid Cooling or Air Cooling. What Should I Choose? 


Air coolers such as the AORUS ATC800 are the traditional method of cooling your CPU, but traditional doesn’t mean its bad. Quality air coolers are some of the best performing cooling options available today. Another benefit of air cooling is that they are generally more affordable than water cooling options out there.


If you choose to go with air coolers it is important to know that they can be quite large, so keep that in mind. The fact that they use fans to cool the CPU you will find that they can introduce a bit of noise into the case which may or may not bother you.


Water cooling has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to the ease of use for all-in-one, also known and AIO, water coolers.


AIO water coolers like the AORUS WATERFORCE X 360  offer a great balance of CPU cooling with low noise levels. AIO water cooling options are often more expensive than air coolers but in turn you get a lower profile CPU cooler that is often whisper quiet.



Double check your CPU coolers clearance



This is an important one for those that want to use air cooling for their CPU. Air coolers are known for being large towers that take up a lot of room in a computer case. This is due to the fact that they need large heatsinks and fins in order to cool the CPU effectively.


It is not uncommon for some CPU coolers to be too large for your computer case, in particular the height of the cooler.


Take the time to check the dimensions of the CPU cooler before you purchase it and compare that to the dimensions of your computer case. There is nothing worse then installing your new cooler just to find that you can’t close the side panel on the case because the cooler is in the way.



Interested in water cooling? Ensure that your computer case supports it



For those of you out there that are thinking of going the route of water cooling, you must ensure that your proposed AIO cooler can actually be installed in your case.


The great thing about AIO coolers is that there are a number of configuration options available to you as well as AIO cooler sizes. That doesn’t mean however that it will fit in all cases.


Plan your cooling configuration before you purchase the cooler. Determine whether you want a 240mm, 280mm or 360mm radiator. Do you want to mount your radiator at the top of the case or the front of the case?


Once you have decided on how you want to install your AIO cooler, refer to the specifications of your computer case to ensure that it supports your desired install. Always look to use a case that offers ample radiator installation options such as the AORUS C700 Glass case.



Style does matter



With CPU coolers not being the smallest components in the world and the fact that they literally sit towards the center of your motherboard, it is safe to say that they stand out in the crowd of other components. This is why you should pick a cooler not just based on performance but also style.


There are so many different styles available for CPU coolers with different sizes, designs and colors that you should be able to find something both performs great and looks great. Afterall, it is going to be one of the first things a person sees when they look through that side window on your case. 


If you are someone that wants to make use of the RGB customization options available from your motherboard then try and find a cooler that supports RGB. If you are wanting to go for a more stealth look for your gaming PC then try and find a lower profile cooler that fits with stealth aesthetics.


Although CPU cooler performance is the most important factor to consider when purchasing your new cooler, that doesn’t mean that it can’t look awesome as well.



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dantschgl :
I absolutely love the look and cooling perfomance of the ATC800, but it\'s so expensive :/ \n...and heavy of course :D more than 1kg is a lot for a cooler, and that speaks for itself again, obviously :)
2020-10-09 04:44
Frdranger :
Currently running all air cooling. Thinking about going water cooling, this looks pretty neat!
2020-10-09 05:53
Kalie :
Been using water cooling for years now and never have been disappinted so looking forward to this!
2020-10-13 04:04
undestined :
nice cooler but is it good only for water cooling or dry cooling also can be done??
2020-10-19 13:37
Smith :
There are plenty of desktop computers available that do not have proper cooling fans on the casings. It is because it is not installed properly in the fans and that is why; installing a good PC cooling fan should be there. One can also opt for Aio Water Cooler so that you get the proper advantages. However, to the annoyance of end-users operating all these computers, the heat generated by the machines is so extreme that this causes different types of chips to be dislodged off the mainboard.
2021-02-01 14:23
Hi, Does the 3 120 fan model work with the Z690 AORUS XTREME Water Force MB? Not specified. What about the pump motor? The MB user manual just says The water cooling kit provides a G1/4\" inlet and a G1/4\" outlet. Please choose the barbs (not included) that suit your requirements. What flow rate is required? Seems that you need to design a custom water cooling system.
2021-11-03 01:03