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What is Super Speed IPS? A new alternative that will change the way you game!

What is Super Speed IPS? A new alternative that will change the way you game!

”It Looks Different!” is what people would say when they see gameplay on a gaming monitor the first time.  Indeed, the high refresh rates along with short response time on gaming monitors can bring smoother gameplay. However, what most people may not notice is that there is always a trade-off: greater picture quality may bring poor response time; short enough response time comes with poor picture quality. What exactly is going on?




Panel = Destined To Be Compromised

Before answering this question, let’s first list the available panel types: TN, IPS and VA. Let’s jump right to the benefit of these three types of panels directly. The biggest advantage of TN panels is its super-fast response time. The lower the response time, the shorter the time needed for a pixel to change color from black to white, the less ghosting of the image it will occur, bringing sharper, clearer gameplay. However, things aren’t always that perfect. The biggest disadvantage of TN panels is their poor color saturation, which has been criticized by gamers for a long time. On the other hand, IPS panels are known for their superior image quality and color accuracy, but they are suffered by higher response time - at least 3ms, which is not ideal compared with TN - under 1ms especially for fast-paced gaming. So it seems like gamers have no choice but to take the compromise between image quality and response time.




Super Speed IPS = The Game Changer


3D render Monitor with 240Hz and all feature sign.


The Super Speed IPS (SS IPS) has removed the trade-off between image quality and response time. The SuperSpeed IPS is quite similar to typical IPS panels, but with their thinner liquid crystal layer and higher driving voltage, SS IPS are 4x faster in terms of response time when compared to the typical IPS. Actually, they feature almost the same response time as that of TN panels. But don’t forget that we are still talking IPS here, where you still get better color saturation and image quality at the same time. So now the long-existed compromise on panel vanishes: with SuperSpeed IPS, gamers could have the true premium gameplay from both TN-grade response time and high picture quality of IPS.




AORUS FI25F = Be The Game Changer


a hand carry the Aorus KD25F monitor


So now you know how great the SS IPS panels are and there’s one gaming monitor with SS IPS you definitely should take a look at the AORUS FI25F. It features SS IPS, possessing superb image quality from IPS, while delivering 240Hz refresh rate and 0.4ms response time that you would get from an esports-grade gaming monitor. AORUS has taken the visual feast on FI25F to another level by adopting 100% sRGB color gamut, HDR and AMD FreeSync Premium. Also to further up your game, AORUS also introduces exclusive tactical features on FI25F including aim stabilizer, black equalizer, active noise cancellation, and OSD software, which you could rely on to get ahead of your enemy in the game.


In conclusion, the Super Speed IPS is the new spotlight in the industry, giving you the best of both worlds with better image quality and low response time simultaneously. FI25F features SS IPS and extra function which further elevates the gaming experience visually to another level. It is definitely the one you should consider when choosing one gaming monitor for your keen gameplay.



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tuechon :
i like it so much i will buy it ok
2021-08-08 10:01
Mateusz Szpaczek :
Times to change my Old one ;)
2022-01-25 21:04