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Previously, we've introduced AORUS and VISION family, both categorized as "air-cooled" graphics cards. Now, we're going deeper, to where enthusiasts belong –“water-cooled.”


The latest member has arrived! It's time to present you with the perfect balance of performance and silence – AORUS WATERFORCE






The thermal design and the cooling system are essentially the most critical part of graphics cards. Not only do they directly cap the performance, but reflect the crafting level of the manufacturer. This is why extreme enthusiasts tend to go for a water-cooled graphics card in their builds. And this is also why GIGABYTE presents youAORUS RTX 3080 XTREME WATERFORCE WB.


As a proud member in the product line, WATERFORCE WB has always represented the top-level crafting in the industry, and features the most cutting-edge technologies of each generation. Now that the latest RTX 30 series have arrived, it is time for WATERFORCE WB to join the lineup.


The first thing you can see on AORUS RTX 3080 XTREME WATERFORCE WB is the full-covered transparent block. Under the cover, it's a fine-crafted copper base plate featuring high-performance micro fins. Those micro fins are built to provide better heat dissipation by carving deep enough to shorten the distance between water channels and the GPU. The spacing within the block is also optimized for stable water flow and significant heat transfer.


You can see it. It's water transparent, if not crystal clear.




Liquid but Solid


One of the reasons enthusiasts go for a water-cooled graphics card is the lower temperature and higher performance. AORUS RTX 3080 XTREME WATERFORCE WB also implements the top-tier power design as its fellow AORUS members.


The copper base plate also covers most of the critical parts on the graphics card, including the GPU, VRAMs, MOSFETs, etc. Besides cooling the GPU, WATERFORCE WB also covers the major core units and thus ensures the system stability when it comes to overclocking.


The RGB Fusion shines on WATERFORCE WB as well. There are customizable RGB lights on the front, the side, and the back, which looks splendid in either direction, vertically or horizontally.


What you see is liquid. What you get is pretty solid.




Performance and Proof


The one thing that keeps most PC DIY gamers from adapting a water-cooled graphics card into their builds is probably the leaking. Yes, it is very terrible that a single drop of liquid could destroy your whole system. Just the thought of that might get you goosebumps.


Well, it's been taken care of by AORUS RTX 3080 XTREME WATERFORCE WB. A special "Leak Detection" circuit is built in the water block, as part of it can be seen around the inlet or outlet. Once it detects any liquid leaks, it would promptly alert the users by flashing a warning red light, so you can shut the power down immediately.


Water-cooling isn't good enough. We make it water-proof!




Now AORUS has assembled! Both air-cooled and water-cooled AORUS XTREME makes the lineup, and we also have VISION if you're looking for a creator-oriented graphics card.


Pick whatever you like, pick GIGABYTE.


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Day 2 with my AORUS RTX 3080 XTREME WATERFORCE WB.\nLoving it!
2020-11-12 16:29
Ken Wong Kok Wai :
Hi bro. Where your bought this card?\nWhere u from?
2020-11-13 01:25
lackschuh :
lol, nice CAD pics
2020-11-18 01:15
Tender :
Wish I could get one ????
2020-11-12 23:27
DiCoRGames :
this is wat i call \"my love\"
2020-11-13 04:42
Zaadinternet :
nice card, I got the 3080 aorus master myself and i love it!
2020-11-13 21:16
asabasapin :
You said mid November for these and its mid November this weekend. So when exaclty is the release date??
2020-11-13 23:27
mrkillerhomer_xD :
Wheres the RTX 3090 version ?? =( please give some details on this one
2020-11-14 05:42
sorrowdragon :
As someone who owned the 1080 Ti Waterforce and then the 2080 Ti Waterforce (both the aio variant), I am very interested in upgrading to either the 3080 or 3090 Waterforce! Just wish you guys would announce what day they will release so i could watch and attempt to get one and continue the legacy of Aorus\' waterforce cards in my computer.
2020-11-15 08:52
whitebreadisu :
What is the release date for this? I have a 1080ti waterforce WB and am super anxious to upgrade. I am in the queue for an EVGA card, but the 3080 waterforce wb is the card I really want. Help us out and let us know when (and what websites) we need to feverishly hit F5 to, please!
2020-11-16 09:53
OniGerry :
Excited for this card as a drop in for my 1080ti. Can you please let us know when and where we can get this card? Cyberpunk is just around the corner!
2020-11-24 22:01
퍼펙트맨 :
2020-11-25 00:55
pandabun :
How can I control the Led of this card. I know it is controlled via rgb fusion, but it seems that It doesn\'t display in my RGB Fusion 2.0 (My main is aorus z490 extreme water force).
2020-11-26 13:19
dantschgl :
That\'s soooo cool :) The watercooled AORUS GPUs from RTX 20xx looked nice already, but those! Great! :D
2020-11-29 00:09
machiningguy1 :
Very nice card. Hopefully availability won\'t be a problem
2020-12-17 12:36