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Project Among Us:Can You Indentify the Impostor? #DesIgnYourAORUS

Project Among Us:Can You Indentify the Impostor? #DesIgnYourAORUS

There is 1 Impostor among us. Can you identify him?


This Among Us PC mod is the work of Designs By IFR, who did the steampunk theme Project TUMNAIL. This time they nail it again! 


Project Among Us features 2 colored screens, one of them is the LCD Edge View of the AORUS RTX 3080 MASTER. By adding custom animations onto the 2 screens, this build becomes more lively and really stands out from others.


If you're ready, press on "start" and try not to be expelled :)




How did you get into the world of PC modding?

We stumbled across a custom desk pc on Facebook and really wanted to try something similar back in 2014.





What’s the game you like to play the most?

Rocket League is the game I usually play.





Can you tell us about the concept behind this Mod?

We chose to make an among us inspired custom PC because we enjoy the banter you can have with friends playing the game and it was one of the more popular games at this time.





Did you have any interesting or challenging moments during the modding process?

We did not run into any issues because we had a plan in mind and I had already created the design files so I knew everything would work perfectly.





Do you have any feedback or comments on AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER?

Loved the Graphics Card we used. The integrated LCD screen helped me tie it in with the theme a lot better. It's those little things that make a Graphics Card stand out from the rest!






What’s something about modding you want to try in the future?

I am always open to trying new themes and ideas. We are constantly doing projects so there are lots of things we want to try and will be trying.



So you have not found the Impostor yet? Watch your back!




Spec List:


CPU: Intel Core i7 10700KF

Graphics Card: AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER

Motherboard: Z490 AORUS MASTER

Memory: AORUS RGB Memory 16G


PSU: GIGABYTE P850GM Power Supply

Case: Thermaltake DistroCase 350P

Cooling: Pacific W7 CPU Block


Check out the video for more of this beauty:





Ghost :
That\'s a beast gaming pc
2021-05-03 01:30
x3psi1on64x :
Absolutely love it ????
2021-05-03 16:26
steinaal :
this looks tooo nice love it
2021-05-03 17:18
Leser9 :
Wyglada bardzo ciekawie wizualnie jak również zapowiadają się bardzo mocne parametry
2021-05-03 18:55
Tressort :
I love my Toy Story one more :-)
2021-05-05 00:46
Eye candy! NICE RIG!
2021-05-05 01:09