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【Member Submission】Ace's AORUS Journey

【Member Submission】Ace's AORUS Journey

Member Submission

Thanks to Ace for sharing his AORUS Journey!





Friends I made through AORUS!



AORUS did not only gave me a PC set up but also precious friends in my life!


I first met Jason and Pedro in Taipei during COMPUTEX2019. Jason is also a top fan of AORUS; He's one of the very first friends I made at AORUS Gaming Community and to me, he's my PC Mentor, Travel buddy, and Senpai at AORUS Community. Pedro is the founder of PC Master Race; He's a Lawyer and also a PC & Tech Enthusiast. Who would have thought of getting to know someone this awesome?


We spent time together at AORUS events and even traveled around together during the vacant time. We called ourselves Fish Market Gang because one of the first places we visited together at Taipei was Fish Market but we ended up eating our dinner at another Sushi restaurant nearby instead.


AORUS gave me the opportunity to meet these awesome people and these people are just the first few friends I made at AORUS, there are still tons of them I didn't mention... maybe next time!


Thank you AORUS! Can't wait to travel around the world again to meet these awesome friends again and get to know more new people through AORUS!

Team Up, Fight On!







Who would have thought of getting sponsored all the way to USA Washington to attend PAX WEST and their VIP gathering? This brand never stops showering us with awesome experiences!

And even more amazing? Making great friends from all over the world through the AORUS Gaming Community. Most of them are older than me but they still treat me as their friend and even brother. AORUS even made it possible for us to meet and bond during PAX WEST! Where else can I find this type of gaming community?

Thank you for all the amazing experiences you’ve been giving me throughout the years! I’m really excited to see what’s next for AORUS in the many more years to come!




My AORUS Headquarters Experience!



Being invited to AORUS Headquarters in Taipei was one of the best experiences I had in life.
To be honest, I had more fun visiting AORUS Headquarters than visiting the exhibition hall of COMPUTEX with tons of unique and modded PCs.


I never expected I'd meet the Vice President of AORUS and Product Managers to have a meeting to discuss their future goals as well, it was such an experience! I can't wait for everything that's waiting for me in near future!

Team Up, Fight On!




AORUS M5 Mouse

Have you ever wondered who's behind these AORUS peripherals? Today I'm introducing you guys the AORUS M5 Mouse! AORUS M5 Mouse is considered to be the high-end mouse of AORUS and is also one of my favorite Mouse from AORUS. I have a small palm but it still fits perfectly in!


I had the chance to meet the designer of AORUS M5 Mouse at AORUS Headquarters during COMPUTEX2019. His name is Rex, and his works were very inspiring and stunning! I took the opportunity and asked if I could get a copy of the M5 Mouse with his signature on it and he agreed!


The AORUS M5 White was distributed to the VIP fans during PAX WEST 2019 in Seattle Washington.





Appreciation Card

Appreciation card signed by the Vice President of AORUS "Eddie Lin" which I received during my AORUS Headquarters visit at Taipei back in 2019. I have mine framed and displayed above my display cabinet.





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Chalakito5 :
2021-08-20 14:20
Acerus :
AORUS Number 1!
2021-10-18 16:59
SamirGP :
Aorus FTW
2021-11-04 09:14