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Beginners 101 - How to Setup Your Gaming Monitor

Beginners 101 - How to Setup Your Gaming Monitor

You need the right displaying monitor to get the best out of your system. If your display was lackluster, you wouldn't be getting the most out of your games or utilising your gaming rig to its full potential. 


Once you get your gaming monitor, you will want to set it up and configure it properly to ensure you are getting the most out of it. It's easy and quick to do, and you'll get to enjoy optimised image quality. 


Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get the most out of your gaming monitor.



Game Enhancing Features

Some gaming monitors nowadays come with built-in game enhancing features that allow you to get the edge against your competitors. 


These features are generally powered directly from the gaming monitor itself and doesn’t rely on high-end graphics cards to utilise them, giving all gamers access regardless of the hardware specifications in their gaming rig. 


Gaming Monitors like the AORUS FI32U come packed with extras that help elevate your gaming to the next level.




On-screen Gaming OSD

This is specifically an interface that allows you and every user to manage the setup of your gaming monitor incredibly easy. 


This is controlled by using a keyboard and mouse which means that accessing the gaming features and monitors settings is much quicker and easier than using the hardware buttons. 


Giving gamers more precise control over their settings and allowing them to do so in a quick and easy manner means that they can configure their gaming monitor exactly how they would like.



Aim Stabilizer

This is a feature that corrects then displays motion blurring properly. This will help you get a clean and clear view of your targets when playing shooting games. 


This is important in first person shooters as all actions such as gun recoil, taking damage and general movement can cause motion blur. Aim stabilizer will try and correct this allowing you to keep focus of your target.



Black Equalizer

This is something that divides the screen in different sub-areas. These will then be equalized individually for you to see darker areas clearly.



There won't be any over-exposure in extremely bright areas which is ideal for gamers. Plus, it's not just ideal for gaming, but the technology is great for movie watching too.


You can utilise the black equalizer to adjust your black levels in-game, allowing you to see better in darker areas of the game as well. 




This is a feature that lets you make a number of custom crosshairs to help you in-game. It’s a useful technology when you’re into shooting games, and there’s no crosshair available within the game.


Under this feature, it comes with an on-screen timer. It can help you track game time that has elapsed. The gaming counter will help you with any count data you need. 



Ergonomics and Eye Care

In this day and age, almost everyone is spending their time in front of a computer. And we’re talking about hours and hours of it. Having this type of lifestyle can be strenuous to both the eyes and body. 


If you’re someone who uses the computer for lengthy hours, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for gaming, work, or school. You’ll end up getting headaches, dry eyes, stiff shoulders and neck, and other discomforts. 


Not only that, but it can even lead to physical stress that can eventually cause long-term damage in the long run. Of course, none of us want this to happen, right? 


But the good thing is, you can lessen such issues. One is by being aware of your posture and adjusting a few elements on your workstation. Having the proper viewing habits can also decrease such concerns. 


Wondering what the solution is? It's the ergonomic features of gaming monitors. These are vital to ensure comfort, proper posture, and the right viewing when utilising the computer. When these are achieved, you can ensure to have a relaxing, comfy, and enjoyable experience, no matter what you’re doing.


You will want to ensure that your gaming monitor, such as the AORUS FI27Q, includes these important eye care features.




Eye Care Features

You probably know how uncomfortable eye strain is, and that also goes for fatigue when facing the computer for hours. In this digital world, is it still possible to keep the proper eye health? 


Yes, by getting the right gaming monitor with eye care features. These will lessen your chances of getting CVS or what they call Computer Vision Syndrome.



Anti-flicker or Flicker-free Technology

When a monitor has this feature, it means that it doesn’t use PWM to decrease its brightness settings. And the good thing is that monitors nowadays are flicker-free. So, these utilise direct-current modulation for managing brightness.


In turn, it provides you with continuous light streams on all levels of brightness. 


Low Blue Lights

This technology lessens the release of low blue lights which are harmful to the eyes. Plus, it’ll help decrease the risk of eye fatigue.  


Remember that there are some monitors that integrate this feature to some of their image presets. Also, it’s always left on to decrease the visible blue light while retaining colour quality and performance.




Setting the Brightness Correctly

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who faces the computer for hours. And with that, you’re likely used to getting eye strain and dryness. Other than these, headaches and vision issues are common. 



And that’s why you need to have a high-quality gaming monitor. But simultaneously, you should adjust the brightness adequately and suitably for your eyes.


But wait! Before you start tinkering with the monitor’s brightness, check what the available shades are first. From there, you can choose which best suits your view.


Proper Adjustments

To achieve the correct brightness level, adjust your monitor’s brightness in an extreme way. Here, you need to figure out the extremes in white and black shades. 


When doing this, try to get the 5% and 95% shades that are different from 0% and 100%. If you’ve already differentiated these, you have the optimal contrast and brightness value on your gaming monitor. 


This will keep you with healthy eyes that will work better than painful and strained ones.



Height and Swivel Adjustment

Another essential ergonomic feature for a good monitor is height and swivel adjustments. Make sure that your monitor has an adjusting mount wherein its tilt, height, and rotational degree can be set. 


It’s a good feature to have and it will help you easily set up your monitor. Plus, you’ll get to find that perfect ergonomic position to fit adequately in your work or game area.


If you look at the rear portion of your monitor, you will see VESA mount holes. These will help determine the product’s compatibility with adjustable monitor arms or wall mounts.




Expand Your Setup with Dual Monitors

Now you know the importance of monitor ergonomics and eye care, it’s time to step up your game. Get two monitors and no, it’s not too much. It’s actually a common setup nowadays. 


Think about it, having one monitor isn’t really enough. You play games on your main monitor, but you’d also want to skip and watch videos or suddenly search for something online. That’s where the other monitor comes into play. 


But if you’re thinking that it may affect your gaming performance, don’t worry because it won’t. 


Having another monitor in your setup makes it easier and quicker to switch from programs. So instead of having to bother switching windows, your other programs can be opened on the other monitor. 



Think about it, you’ll have fewer clicks in the process, as well as a better and more seamless workflow. Sounds good, right? 


If you're in a quick-paced gaming or work environment, having dual monitors is ideal.




Multitasking at its Finest

Having this type of setup allows for intense multitasking. Play your games while having important tasks open to seamlessly shift from one program to another.


Or, leave one monitor on for all your references, while doing all the work on your primary one.


When it comes to Twitch streaming, having dual monitors is necessary. With this setup, you can play on the main screen while all streaming-concerned tools are connected to the additional monitor. You'll easily get to view and chat in real-time without closing the window of your game.




Position Your Monitor the Right Way

Now, you know the importance of a gaming monitor with good ergonomic features. But to complete a perfect ergonomic gaming setup, you must know how to position your monitor properly.


The key to finding the ideal position is to know its right height and distance. When you’ve set it up this way, you’ll automatically shift to the correct sitting position and posture that’s comfortable.


The Ideal Position and Distance for Your Monitor

When sitting in front of your computer, the screen should be positioned in front of you. It should be directed at you to avoid you having to turn or twist your body.


If you’re sporting the dual monitor setup, the optimal placement would be with the primary screen in front of you. Its distance must be at arm’s length.


When it comes to the additional monitor, it should be positioned next to the main one. However, it must be positioned slightly to the side for proper alignment.



Adjust Your Monitor for the Proper Height

After positioning the monitor, make sure that it has the correct height. If it isn't, don't adjust your body for it. Instead, adjust the monitor to get the correct height. Neck and shoulder strains and injuries are most prominent when your monitor is positioned too high or too low. 


When adjusting its height, the screen’s top-most portion should be slightly below or at eye level. Your view should be slightly downwards when facing the monitor’s centre.


Again, you must place your monitor at arm’s length or at least 20” away from your eyes. If you opted for a bigger screen, increase your distance from the monitor.






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